Relive the enchantment of the films you loved as a child – and catch up on some properly relaxing family time – when you recreate a magical movie night for your little ones at home.

The phrase “they don’t make them like they used to” has no doubt run through every parent’s mind when confronted with the latest trends – not least when it comes to choosing a suitable movie for the kids (and you!) to enjoy.  The truth is, nothing can quite top those magical movies we loved so much when we were children. Although these films may seem hilariously dated now, they can provide a lovely opportunity for your children to learn about life before texting and the Internet, and offer some valuable lessons that have stood the generational test of time. 

Why not take the opportunity to turn the living room into your very own cinema and get settled for a cosy family movie night? Simply draw the curtains and drape pretty twinkling fairy lights around the room, serve snacks and popcorn (cooked the old-fashioned way) on one of these Children’s Lane’s dining sets, and cuddle up together under one of Children’s Lane’s blankets or sleeping bags. When you’re all cuddled up, we suggest you hit play on one of these classics. Warning: Prepare for some laughs (not least because of the fashion and special effects), twinges of nostalgia, and perhaps a few tears. 

1. Mary Poppins (1964)

Practically perfect in every way, this movie is as excellent now as it was when it was first released over 50 years ago. Mary teaches us that having tea on the ceiling, popping in and out of paintings and dancing on London’s rooftops are all part of daily life and that magic can appear around every corner. Plus, the wonderful Sister Suffragette – sung by Mrs. Banks (aka Glynis John) – will most definitely remain a highlight, as well as a delightful lesson in the history of women’s rights. 

2. E.T (1982) 

You may not be as emotionally impacted now as you were when you were 11, but it’s wonderful to watch your children get caught up in this special relationship between a young boy and his alien friend. Plus, enjoy the amusement that will no doubt arise from the 80’s special effects! Oh, and there’s a lesson in there for mums too. The next time you feel like a bad mother, remember the mum in ET had an alien living in her basement for days and she didn't even realise. 

3. The Princess Bride (1987) 

Safe for every age group, this fantastic film is far more than just a ‘princess movie’. It is hilarious for adults and children alike and offers plenty of life lessons that will last, well, a lifetime. Find yourself reliving your favourite quotes and trying hard not to ruin each scene by recounting it before it happens! 

4. My Girl (1991) 

This movie has a special place in many hearts as it tackles the effects of death on a family and celebrates lasting, if unconventional, friendship. Definitely one for tweens!

5. The Gnome Mobile (1967) 

Starring the child actors who played Jane and Michael Banks in Mary Poppins, this absolutely magical movie takes children on a ride into the wonderful world of fairies and gnomes living in a forest under threat. Watch as it ignites your children’s imagination while teaching them about the importance of respecting Mother Nature and all that she provides. 

Oh, and remember, the best part about move nights at home is that you can do it in your PJs!