The Race Is On

With the Dubai World Cup around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to gather your friends and teach your kids some valuable life skills. True story!

It’s always exhilarating to watch the world’s finest thoroughbred horses compete in the final race of the season. The “biggest sporting and social occasion on the Dubai calendar” is a day of glamour and galloping for sure, but the occasion also encompasses more depth than many people realise. We’re talking about behind-the-scenes stuff: sportsmanship, fair play, and a good dose of healthy competition.

Use the Dubai World Cup as the perfect excuse to gather your girlfriends (dads too, if they want to come!) and little ones, and get into the spirit of this world-class event by spending time with majestic horses, and teaching your kids about being a good sport – both on a horse and off. There are other plus sides to getting your child on the back of a horse, mama. Research indicates that this incredible sport is instrumental in developing great physical, cognitive and social skills. 

It’s also loads of fun… Little children love to play, and when learning a new skill involves getting up close and personal with real life ponies, what’s not to love?  

It’s healthy… Horse riding is a proper workout and helps build core strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Plus, being outdoors in nature is always a good idea. Especially when the weather is still as lovely as it is.

It’s character building… It’s hard work being a horse rider – there’s mucking, grooming and feeding, and of course learning how to ride. All these things help develop responsibility, empathy, patience and focus – wonderful leadership traits that will ultimately benefit your children in the future.  

It’s confidence boosting… Put yourself in your little one’s riding boots for a minute; horses are large and being up that high in a saddle is quite an achievement in itself. The fact that your little one is learning new skills on an animal twice their size is enough to boost anyone’s confidence. (Plus – be honest – you’re going to glow with pride, right?).

We know that owning a horse isn’t for everybody, so if you’d rather sign your child up for lessons at your local riding centre, try these popular Abu Dhabi-based ones: 

If your little one is too young for horses, no worries. It’s easy to bring the magic and sportsmanship of the races home with our beautiful rocking horses. 

The Dubai Millennium, pays homage to one of the great racing horses of the UAE. The antique oak rocking horse features a leather saddle, stirrups and rein – along with its special Dubai World Cup saddle blanket. 

Or take a walk to the wild side with our unique antique oak rocking zebra offering endless imaginative racing entertainment for budding jockeys. So, on your marks, get set, go! 

Please feel free to share your horsey-fun inspired photographs with us on our Instagram page. Happy riding!