Oh Baby! 

Preparing for your newborn is the most exhilarating journey you’ll ever take. It’s magical, it’s terrifying, and – let’s be honest – there will probably be tears (thanks hormones!). Asking for help when you need it is not admitting defeat, it’s the best thing you could do, for you and your baby.

You’ve drawn up lists, planned the perfect nursery, read all the parenting books possible, organized the hospital bag and laundered all the tiny clothes. Well done, mama! While you may feel totally ready for your baby to arrive, you might want to keep in mind – and we’re sorry to break it to you – that you might be heading for sleepless nights, mastering new skills (breastfeeding, nappy changing, swaddling, calming a crying baby taking multitasking to a whole new level) and a whole host of hormones to deal with. 

Yes, having a baby is incredible, but it can also be tough. Trust us: reaching out for help – even if that’s totally out of your comfort zone – will make your lives so much easier. 

So, take a few deep breaths and try these five practical tips.. 

  1. Take guilt-free time out
    The big day is drawing closer and soon you’ll be walking around like a zombie who hasn’t showered in days. We’re not even exaggerating. So, while you can, indulge in some much-deserved time out. It’s important to take it easy in the last few weeks while your body prepares for birth and your mind prepares for parenthood. A warm bath can do wonders for aches and pains, especially with our Love Boo Splendidly Soothing Bath Soak. 
  2. Get creative
    The nursery is one of the more creative tasks you and your husband will take on. From soothing colors to personal touches that reflect your sense of individuality, you can get creative as you want. Not your first baby? You may also involve the baby’s siblings in painting the walls or  selecting a wallpaper for a fun bonding experience. No nursery is complete without a beautiful bassinet – a timeless piece that can ultimately become a family heirloom. We offer a range of elegant and sophisticated hand-woven wood and wicker bassinets that come with gorgeous baby soft linen that's totally breathable too. 
  3. Bond with your partner
    Those first few weeks with your newborn are like a rollercoaster ride, but if you and your husband work as a team and support each other, you’ll find that coping is a whole lot easier. New mum Latifa from Abu Dhabi says, “There were many ways my husband helped – I expressed breast milk so he could spend time with baby during early morning bottle feeds before work, and we learnt how to swaddle together. That really helped him bond with our son, which can be difficult for a dad in the beginning.” If you’d like to do the same, our lightweight and airy swaddles are made from the softest, silkiest bamboo cotton, perfect in any weather. 
  4. Just say no
    It’s a wonderful time getting to grips with the new-born routine, but it’s also emotionally and physically exhausting, not to mention that you’re also experiencing plummeting hormones and going through birth recovery. Your friends and family will all want to come and ogle your new bundle of sweetness, but it's okay to say no. Abu-Dhabi mum Hind says her baby had terrible colic for the first few weeks, adding to her exhaustion and making her feel anxious about seeing anyone. "Even though I felt bad about saying no, I decided not to see anyone other than direct family for the first month. I asked my mother-in-law to come and help me with bottle feeding so I could rest for a few hours each day. My friends eventually met my son, and when I explained my situation, were super understanding." If your baby has colic, our BPA-free, heat-resistant milk bottles come with wide neck anti-colic odourless teats made from medical grade silicone should be able to help with those nasty niggles. 
  5. Make sure you take time to recover                                                                      Your body has been through a significant number of changes throughout pregnancy and birth, make sure you take as much time as possible to recover when you can to get the proper sleep and nutrition you need to help with recovery and nursing. Another tip? Try to sleep when the baby sleeps   

A maternity or night nurse the first few weeks after birth can be a godsend.

Remember, preparing for your newborn baby is an amazing adventure, enjoy your special moments as they do pass by incredibly fast.