In light of Earth Day on 22 April, we’re even more aware of the stresses our planet is under. The Children’s Lane team thinks one of the best ways to get kids motivated to care for Earth is to encourage them to connect with it through good old-fashioned play and maybe even a little dirt (which, it turns out, is good for their health). 

What are some of your favourite childhood memories? For us, it’s climbing trees barefoot, making mud pies, chasing butterflies, rolling down grassy hills (or sledding down sand dunes!), fishing in flowing rivers, jumping over ocean waves and camping under a blanket of stars. The world is a beautiful place and we’re blessed to have it as our playground. With the digital age in full force, our children are experiencing very different childhoods to ours. We’re not against tech (sometimes the iPad can be a lifesaver!), but we’re aware of the importance of keeping our little ones connected to what really matters – nature and all its wonders. 

As much as you can, make the effort to spend time outdoors with your children. The more time they spend in nature, the more love and appreciation they’ll have for it. It doesn’t have to be a trek through the Himalayas, by the way. It could be as simple as eating dinner on the balcony while admiring the sunset, walking along the beach after school, or visiting a nursery to get started on potting your own veggies in the winter. Science backs a little bit of dirt, by the way. Research proves that getting your hands dirty while gardening actually makes you happier due to a special kind of bacteria found in soil (plus, it's extremely satisfying when you’re able to pick your own tomatoes!). 

If your children are a little older and able to understand the importance of community-based projects, look into signing up on This Ghaf tree-planting program lets you purchase indigenous Ghaf trees as gifts, and join the annual community planting event.

Water is also a big talking point as a sacred commodity. Many countries face water shortages and droughts. Saving water can start with small steps – turning the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth (your parents probably told you the same thing!), taking a quick shower instead of a bath, and catching extra water with a bucket in the shower for watering plants. To turn your kids into water warriors, make water saving a game at home – with rewards! The healthy competition will ultimately be teaching them an important lifelong lesson. 

We like to play our part by providing as many earth-friendly, organic products as we can. Our Love Boo’s Top to Toe all-in-one body wash contains only natural ingredients and can be used by the whole family. And our Sophie La Girafe Baby Oil, with its selection of natural and organic ingredients, is nourishing and pampering.  We believe in less is more, so our Sophie La Girafe SOS face and body cream is the ideal multi-purpose all-over cream, and can even be used as a bum cream for baby. Instead of piling up the play room with plastic, take a look at our selection of nostalgic wooden toys – from doll puzzles to stacking blocks and alphabet games – that can last for generations. But before you prepare for a weekend afternoon of games, maybe you should get your hands dirty outside with your kids first…

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