Our Commitment
Corporate Responsibility

Being an integral part of a larger community of the families we serve, Children’s Lane is committed towards a standard of excellence, ethical and responsible conduct in each aspect of our business and to its social responsibilities. We expect the same standards to be shared by the Business Partners with which we work.

Children’s Lane is proud to establish itself as an active partner in the three focus areas that make up the heart of our values as a company, and where we wish to contribute and make a difference.

In this regard, the company places special attention to promoting child education and strengthening initiatives regarding children’s health and wellbeing by implementing and contributing to projects targeted at supporting these objectives.

We also believe in creating and cultivating an environment that caters and fosters to our employees with families, by raising supportive work policies for the prestigious, reliable working mothers and fathers, making them an integral part of the company.

We constantly aim to make a difference in the lives of all families. With every purchase, you help us make a change and impact children’s safety and greater community health.