There were many magic moments with your baby, each leaving a distinct memory of her life in yours. Whether it was witnessing her first step, hearing her first word, the sound of her first cry when she entered our world, or even further back when you heard her heartbeat for the very first time through a sonogram.

The wonder of anticipating your first baby’s arrival, seems like an age old rite of passage to becoming a parent.Every protective and nurturing instinct kicks in, coupled with all the questions one could possibly think about – where to begin and how to prepare for the arrival of this new life.

It reminded us of our earlier years where every thing around us whispered to the child within, and as little boys and girls, we reacted to our environment with such awe and curiosity. Whether it was a delicate colourful butterfly, a red speckled ladybird or picking up a crawling worm – oblivious to its gross factor, because it just wasn’t. We were in complete fascination and were entranced by these beautiful creatures.

Indoors, after a long day of fun and exploration, in the hidden coves of our rooms, we were taken away by our unbridled imagination to stories and tales of magical wonderlands, gnomes, dragons, pixies and other mythical creatures who with a little sprinkle of golden dust over the world, transformed it into a magical wonderland, where all sense of time was lost and the innocence of childhood rendered it still.

We spent countless hours playing make believe by creating fortresses in our living rooms made of chairs and blankets, only to be allowed access by a secret pass word or mounting a rocking horse, commanding it with a wish to gallop away to the magical land far away in the depths of our imagination..

Those memories are forever cherished.

As adults, we forgot how to be in awe of our world. We became engaged with our responsibilities and went about our daily routines, that is, until we learnt about the arrival of our baby.

Inspired by our childhood and wishing to bestow the same experience on our little one, we wanted to create a nurturing environment with the very best of what the world had to offer.

We searched far and wide to bring home all the classics that we grew up with and loved. We tested furniture for safety and functionality, we put clothes through countless cycles of laundry to ensure they passed our quality tests, we found nostalgic educational toys that both delighted and developed cognitive skills, and somewhere on the way, we discovered luxuriously decadent skincare products that help soothe and pamper us when we need a respite.

Children’s Lane was subsequently built out of a desire to share, from our family to yours, all the magical possibilities to create your memories. We look forward to welcoming you.